Raising Kids and Teens with Homeopathy

As a mother there’s nothing more important than knowing my children are healthy and happy. I remember when my first daughter was born, my biggest concern was how to achieve this considering how big and dangerous the world seemed for such a tiny human starting her life on this planet. Even while she was still growing in my tummy, I was already hoping she’d be fine and her delivery would go smoothly. Thankfully, everything did go well, but then the outside world came into play. In a time before social media, information wasn’t as readily available as it might be today, so the doctor’s knowledge was what I relied on. However, something seemed not quite right to me. I was told to breastfeed her every 3 hours, so that she would learn that everything had a time; I was told to give her paracetamol for fever, and if the fever persisted for more than 24 hours, to alternate between paracetamol and ibuprofen.

As time went on, I questioned more and more these strict rules that seemed to cover any eventuality, but left me with a screaming and very unhappy baby. Then I started to follow my gut feeling and look out for other options. This is how I found homeopathy, thanks to a friend’s suggestion for my daughter’s eczema. Even though it was very mild, there was no moisturiser that could get rid of that stubborn patch of dry skin. Yet after a few months of using homeopathy, her skin went back to normal. It was this initial experience, alga e way to many other successes with my 3 children; this together with my training as a homeopath and my deep interest in helping children and their families live full, vibrant lives led me to where I am today.

Homeopathy is a holistic form of medicine and as such it treats the whole person, regardless of age or gender. It doesn’t look at named diseases (although it always considers medical information), but at how each individual presents their symptoms, the aetiology these have, and what make these symptoms unique to each individual patient. When I speak with my young clients, I ask many questions. These will require self reflection, even about things that they might never consciously think about, like what they crave when they are unwell, what their dreams are about, how they sleep, how they deal with their emotions, are they more of a chilly or a hot person, and so on. In our conversation I see children pause and consider what their answers are, and it’s usually a lovely process in which they discover who they are. This way, when children and young people get ill, using homeopathy does not only help them feel better, it also helps them to grow in self awareness and recognise themselves, what their wants and needs are.

When my young clients come with more chronic problems, the investigations go deeper, into their environment, their family medical history, and their habits. We also explore their emotional world – has there been any trauma, have they had any major upsets, or have they suffered the loss of a loved one or big disappointments? When we look at these things, often what comes through is how certain events might leave a person stuck in a set of symptoms that might have made sense at the time of an upsetting event, but have now become pathological.

There are also behaviours children develop to cope with family dynamics, that are unhealthy for who they really are – for example, these may be  children who are part of a very sporty family but really are more artistically or intellectually inclined themselves, and suppress their interests to please their family, only to keep getting ill (migraines, colds, etc). It could also be children whose family is constantly moving and are not given time to grieve or the support they need to process the changes they have to go through, and so become introverted and change their personality. In all these cases, homeopathic care helps the child with their physical symptoms, while also finding their own voice and recognise their needs.

If I had to sum up the greatest gift from a homeopathic upbringing it would be the self awareness and independence it offers, in order for the budding human to find their path in life in a way that is in tune with their own essence and with the natural world. In my experience it also opens up the possibilities to the whole family, as each family is a dynamic system in which every time one of the participants shifts, the others shift with them, bringing growth and evolution to each member.

One case I treated some time ago was that of S. She was 16 years old and had eczema on and off since she was a baby. When we started working together she also was starting with the A-levels (the equivalent of junior year in the US) and getting recurring tonsillitis, which were treated with antibiotics. Through the process of working together we managed to strengthen her immune system so she stop the cycle of sore throat and antibiotics, she recognised how school stress and a good friend moving away had contributed to her feeling worse and being prone to the recurring infections.

We also worked through her eczema symptoms, and learned how these were mainly linked to stress, but also to past exposure to toxins that had left her digestive tract out of balance. Treating this, while also rebalancing her gut microbiome, and finding the best symptom management for her itching and dry skin, lasted for about 18 months, until the skin was clear and the itching was only very sporadic, and linked to stress. Treatment ended when she moved to go to University, armed with her own remedy kit and able to deal with her symptoms, should these return.

Inspiring Comment from my Client

I came across Moitza when I was unbeknownst to me going through symptoms of severe Salmonella Poisoning which were dismissed by the GP. Moitza was manning the phone for Helios and I consulted her as a homeopath on what I could take to alleviate my symptoms as they were urgent and painful, affecting my day to day life and well being. What I noticed straight away was not just her professionalism but her expertise and understanding of energetic medicine and how the symptoms are affecting me and that my symptoms are individual to me. Not only was she warm, caring and knowledgeable, she was really easy to talk to and she gave excellent recommendations. I then decided to continue working with her to help subside my symptoms and get better looking at my long term health. During my episode, I needed urgent assistance and she was always a phone call away despite that it was during the Christmas holidays and she was travelling with her family. She was always there for me and supported me throughout my ailment and after. I would highly recommend Moitza as she is a kind, professional and reliable Homeopath. She is empathetic and friendly and extremely well learned in her craft.


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