Heath Coaching

Life is busy and we tend to take health for granted until something major happens, and then we suddenly feel the urge to fix all those little problems that we had neglected for so long.

Instead of fixing in an emergency, I propose that we work together before things get difficult and address all those little digestive issues, the slight feeling of being “not quite yourself”, that occasional spotting that seems not have any real cause.

I decided to offer this 6 month programme, where we will address your health, your nutrition and your movement, in order to make you feel at your best. This 6 month programme will give you the support to introduce the habit changes that your body needs to function at its best. I will be supporting you through weekly contact that will help you stick to your intentions and reach your goals.
As we are creatures of habit, in order to implement a new habit we have to repeat it long enough that it becomes automatic, which takes at least 3 months. In something as automatic as the basic way in which we go about our daily life, this might prove a bit trickier – hence why I ask you to commit to 6 months.

Get in touch for a free 15 min consultation to understand how this programme can change you.