Acute vs. Chronic Prescribing

In general we can speak of two forms of illness, acute and chronic. An acute problem appears suddenly and it resolves also quickly, within 7-14 days, for better or worse. In chronic conditions a person may start feeling unwell suddenly or slowly, but the symptoms drag on without resolution for more than 2 weeks, and it can continue for months or even years.

When you visit a homeopath for treatment, in both cases you will be asked about what may have caused the condition (infection, trauma, grief), what the modalities are (when is it better/worse, what might alleviate or aggravate the symptoms), the exact sensation, location and anything else that comes up (appetite, mood, sleep issues, etc) while you are suffering with the problem at hand.

In an acute case, after a short consultation, the homeopath will choose a remedy that best matches the symptoms at hand, and you will be asked to monitor any changes happening, as acute conditions can change and evolve rapidly before resolving completely. If changes occur, the homeopath will then advise what changes need to be made to the prescription in order to match the new symptoms (a different potency or a different remedy altogether). In terms of potency, the potency of the remedy needs to match the intensity of the symptoms – for example in the case of a burn, the required potency might be a 200c; I’m the case of a cold where the person has very low energy, the needed potency would probably be a 30c or perhaps even lower, as symptoms present are much less intense.

In a chronic case the questioning goes along similar lines as with an acute. But at the same time the bigger picture around a person’s life is considered, in terms of personal medical history, family medical history and also lifestyle habits and choices. With all this information the choice of remedy addresses the physical/mental presenting complaint (what the client came for), and then also, the homeopath has different tools and methods that help to address the cause, support the affected organs that might be involved in the problem, consider the person’s inborn tendencies to certain diseases (miasmatic tendencies), etc. Hence in chronic cases prescriptions might be more complex, so the different layers can be addressed if needed.

In my practice I like to treat acute cases with an ongoing 48 hours support, so my clients can manage their symptoms until their problem is completely resolved. I manage this through daily or bi-daily emailing or messaging.

When working on a chronic condition, I like to see my clients every 4-6 weeks to monitor their progress and adjust the prescription where required. It is important to keep in mind that the longer a person has been struggling with a specific problem, the longer this will take to resolve. It can take anything from a few months to a few years.

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